The Wandering Isle

Set: The Cauldron base set

Approximate Length: 3 kilometers (1.9 miles)

Longest Recorded Stay: 870-890 CE, off the coast of Greece

Longest Confirmed Dive: 26 days

Human Population: 0

Throughout history, there have been numerous and varied accounts of a mysterious island. Each account claimed it would appear overnight, miles offshore; days, weeks, or sometimes months later, the island would vanish just as suddenly. When it persisted long enough for the natives to explore it, they found the island dotted with unrecognizable ruins, reflecting prehistoric cultures from around the world. Those same explorers reported unnatural sounds and earthquakes during their expeditions, as if the entire island were alive.

In the 20th century, advanced sonar nets confirmed that the island was more than a myth; it was actually an enormous, ancient turtle, dubbed Megalepis Pelagiteryx. The scientific community hoped that this elusive creature might prove to be a treasure trove of historical artifacts. Less reputable parties viewed the creature as the ultimate trophy. Across the world, the hunt for the Wandering Isle and its secrets had begun...

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