The creators of the Cauldron have obtained permission from Greater Than Games and DriveThruCards to list the decks for sale on the DriveThruCards online store. Half of the profits from these sales go to support Greater Than Games. This content has not been playtested, designed, or endorsed by Greater Than Games. You can browse all of the decks available on DTC here. The cheapest way to obtain all of the finalized content is to purchase:


If you would like to print dividers for your decks, they are available through the Game Crafter store. Please note profit from these is NOT split with Greater Than Games (although the markup is as small as I could make it, and permission was still obtained):

2E Environment Decks

Three decks (Wandering Isle, F.S.C. Continuance Wanderer, and St. Simeon's Catacombs) from the Cauldron base set received gameplay updates in December 2018. The old versions are not on DriveThruCards for sale anymore.

Other Clarifications

Please note that DriveThruCards is the only source for printing the Cauldron cards which this site supports as of Spring 2016, as part of the agreement with Greater Than Games. The Game Crafter is the only supported link for dividers. Several items will not be available through either site:

  • The joke decks
  • Custom promos for official SotM heroes

There is plenty of good advice on BGG for printing this material on your own.


If you have a question about printing, the best way to ask it is on the BGG Cauldron thread.

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