Video Game

The Cauldron coming to digital

Handelabra Games, makers of the digital version of Sentinels, added mod support as of September 2021. An enterprising group of volunteers put in a lot of hard work to implement the Cauldron decks as a mod. You can find the Steam Workshop page for it here. The mod includes a bunch of new art for the sprites.

You can also join the mod team's Discord server to report bugs or ask about modding. 

Mod credits

Software Development

  • wrhyme29
  • DragonZ
  • MSpekkio
  • QuagmaBlast
  • smJake123
  • NinjaMonkey
  • ChrisDS

Art Direction

  • catwhowalksbyhimself
  • smJake123


  • Shane Ivers

Music Direction

  • TopherGerkey

And many playtesters!

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