Set: The Cauldron: Experimental

AliasesLuke Savage

Age: 34

Power Source: Technology, Viral Exposure

Birthplace: United States

Occupation: Bioterrorist

Luke Savage was something of a child prodigy, and he knew it. Everything came easily and skillfully to him; sports, mathematics, chemistry...along with petty theft and ruthless practicality. As Luke grew into a very promising but intimidating adult, his concerned older brother, a special forces medic, convinced Luke to join him in the military. He figured structure and purpose would keep Luke out of trouble.

Unfortunately, the general corruption and profiteering of a few of Luke's less moral commanding officers was what made the biggest impression on him, and he firmly absorbed their self-centered outlook. By the time of his first deployment, he was already plotting to steal the bioweapons they were being sent to eliminate, and sell them to the highest bidder.

His plans backfired and the disastrous mission ended with Luke comatose and infected with a plethora of designer viruses, synthetic plagues, and chemical weapons. To the disbelief of his doctors, the competing elements came to an uneasy stasis within Luke's system, keeping each other at bay. Luke awoke feeling great, only to learn that his blood was now one of the most dangerous substances on the planet.

Never one to waste an opportunity, Luke escaped the military hospital and recruited contacts from his various careers to form a terrifying mercenary company that would take any job, no matter how dirty. The threat posed by the bioweapon inside him has resulted in many governments, companies, and individuals caving to his demands.

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