Set: The Cauldron base set

AliasesJanet Walker

Age: 30

Power Source: Genetic, Science

Birthplace: Canada

Occupation: Electrical Engineer, Traveler

Janet Walker grew up wanting to be an explorer. Some mornings she inexplicably awoke in the middle of the wilderness, miles from her home in Huntsville, Ontario; she took these events in stride. As an adult she spent her time traveling between consulting jobs, always on the move. One contract took her to Windmill City to work on an experimental nuclear reactor belonging to the Gray Pharmaceutical Corporation; an accidental reactor fire threatened the entire facility and trapped several employees within the inferno. Janet climbed through the burning debris to find them, and just as the building collapsed, somehow teleported the entire group to safety.

She escaped the subsequent media frenzy and set out to learn more about her strange ability. Bringing her electrical engineering expertise to bear, and consulting some of the greatest scientific minds in the hemisphere, she created devices to help guide her teleportations and harness the extra-dimensional energy that each jump unleashed. Janet's consulting company soon took on a different nature; "Vanishing Courier Service" was there for anyone who needed help.

First Response promo: After several years of helping those in need, Vanish's "courier" company was destroyed by the Gray Pharmaceutical Corporation's lawyers, alleging that Janet's abilities were to blame for the Windmill City meltdown. In the aftermath, Vanish was approached by Esther Martin, an information broker and retired pilot. Martin said she was forming an international rescue team to respond to "unusual" incidents around the planet. Vanish immediately joined as the group's evac specialist; none too soon, as the team's fateful first mission turned out to be another nuclear incident in Windmill City...

1929 promo: Vanish's Translocation Accelerator, originally designed by a clever intern at the Eaken-Rubendall Laboratory, extended her teleportation range greatly. With heroics having become a full-time occupation, Vanish found herself constantly pushing the limits of the device, despite the fact that it had occasionally left her stranded in uncharted dimensions. But that was just the tip of the iceberg; an overload during battle caused the device to send Vanish and her teammates not through space, but through time itself. Now Vanish is stranded in the year 1929, before the technology to fix her Accelerator even exists...

Tomb of Thieves promo: After several near-death experiences on the Oblask Crater expedition, Janet decided that a more temperate vacation was in order. She arranged to tour several archaeological sites across South America with her friend Dr. McLear, and went by herself when McLear was called away on "urgent business". Janet's own vacation was ruined when the first temple she visited turned out to house several recently-discovered magical artifacts, with the villainous Jade racing agents of the Forgotten Order to steal them. Thoroughly disgruntled, Janet decided that as long as she was there, she might as well steal the artifacts first...

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