Set: The Cauldron: Experimental

AliasesRoland White

Age: 38

Power Source: Transdimensional Shard

Birthplace: United Kingdom

Occupation: Ministry of Strategic Science Operative

The special projects team of the British SAS was somewhat perplexed when ordered to escort a dusty, bookish man into the bowels of an abandoned London cathedral. Less so when the cathedral turned out to be full of apocalyptic cultists. Most were quickly dealt with, but, to the horror of their academic charge, the last cultist had opened a fiery portal, through which monstrous, flaming figures began to materialize.

Spotting a floating chunk of obsidian in the center of the ritual chamber, SAS Trooper Roland White stepped forward and calmly smashed it. This had the desired effect of causing the portal (and cult leader) to disappear. Less desired was White's later transformation into a burning obsidian creature, caused by shards of the material which lodged in his arm.

White was quickly recruited by the bookish man into Britain's Ministry of Strategic Science, a paranormal defence force White had never heard of. Now the demonic-looking White functions as their premier "talented" field agent, keeping the world safe from all manner of strangeness...

Ministry of Strategic Science promo: Even before joining the Ministry, White had an appreciation for the weird and the abnormal, along with an almost worrying inability to feel fear. Now that he can transform into a nigh-indestructible behemoth, his willingness to saunter into the unknown is coupled with a propensity for solo missions; few of his strictly-human teammates are as casual about their safety. To keep up with him, the Ministry has been looking to expand its roster of "talents", hoping that eventually Titan can lead an entire team of specialized agents...

2199 promo: In an alternate 2199, special agent Roland White of Highwind City used his strange powers (and a large-caliber revolver) to bring down superpowered threats. His reckless streak frequently got him into trouble, and though his demonic alter ego was made of nigh-indestructible obsidian, it still cracked under high-velocity armor-piercing rounds...such as those used by the HCPD gunships that kept a suspiciously close eye on him.

Oni promo (Halloween 2020): For an organization largely composed of dry old academics, the Ministry of Strategic Science threw some very elaborate after-hours social events. Particularly lively was the All Hallows' Eve party, and with the recent addition of so many other "talents", White felt obliged to create a more elaborate costume than usual. He spent hours carefully adjusting the obsidian crust of his titanform into a fearsome depiction of Japanese folklore. Unfortunately, this expended so much of his energy that by the time the event actually started, he had reverted to human, too tired to change again.

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