Set: The Cauldron base set

AliasesThe Chaos Wyrm

Age: 2700

Power Source: Magic, Dragon Biology

Birthplace: Babylonia

Occupation: Dragon

Born in a previous age, the serpent Tiamat was the last of the great Mesopotamian dragons, plaguing the city of Babylon for decades. Eventually she was driven into the desert, disappearing from history for almost a thousand years, only to resurface periodically and terrorize the developing kingdoms of Europe. With the passing centuries, Tiamat grew ever more powerful; each of her three heads channeled its own elemental magic, and together they sowed destruction and chaos across the land.

By the fourteenth century Tiamat was the last of her evil kind. An English knight finally bested the dragon on the coast of France, leaving her decapitated form to be buried in the ruins of her lair. Dragons faded from the history books.

Until 700 years later, when a misguided spell accidentally resurrected Tiamat in modern Paris. The great dragon let out a roar and resumed her ancient work. Tanks and missiles proved useless against her. Destruction and chaos would reign once more...

Hydra promo: Tiamat's powerful magic made permanent victory over the dragon elusive. Each time the heroes of this age laid her low, her form regenerated. Sometimes it took days, sometimes a year, but eventually she would return to lay siege to some new city. More worrying still, observers noted small changes to her aspect over time. While her initial thousand years of life had altered her little, these new circumstances were forcing Tiamat to adapt at a startling pace. Eventually, in combat with Echelon's team in the ruins of Akelabad, the dragon's three severed heads regenerated into six. Commanding new elemental magic and more ferocity than ever before, Hydra Tiamat may finally prove to be unstoppable...

2199 promo: In at least one reality, the cult of the Forgotten Order survived into the 22nd century. After countless failed attempts at instigating doomsday by summoning demons or ancient gods, they decided to try a more direct approach: they would build their own dark messenger, to cleanse the world through destruction. The cult's agents had already infiltrated advanced scientific and military installations around the planet. In secret, they smuggled the necessary technology to a disused cistern beneath Highwind City, and assembled a cybernetic incarnation of the long-dead dragon Tiamat. Once unleashed, it would do what its living ancestor had failed to: bring an end to humanity.

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