Set: The Cauldron: Adrift

AliasesTang Daiyu

Age: 40

Power Source: Ghosts

Birthplace: Hong Kong

Occupation: Private Investigator, Conductor of the Full Moon Express

Officer Tang Daiyu had made a career out of dealing with violent criminal organizations. Unfortunately, her police unit was rife with corruption, and her early idealism was soon replaced by a bitter relegation to bribes and underhanded dealings, as her fellow officers played the various gangs against each other based on who was willing to pay. Until the day when the assassination order came down.

Rumors had been swirling of supernatural elements infiltrating one of the harbor gangs, and for some reason her superiors wanted her to kill the source, a low-level thief with a family at home. Tang couldn't stomach the thought, and something snapped inside her, biting back against the years of shame and injustice she had partaken in.

She crept to the docks, intent on warning the target and finding the truth behind the hit, but somehow they knew. She walked into a trap, and a bullet. Her former brethren left her to die, setting the whole dockyard alight to hide the deed.

Bleeding and burned, Tang crawled from the rubble. Despite the flames, she felt cold and blackness overtaking her, sure that this was the end. She wondered what came next.

When she opened her eyes, she was aboard the Full Moon Express, the ghostly train in charge of ferrying departed souls. Disbelief quickly gave way to regret: she wasn't ready. As if her thoughts had been aloud, the train's conductor approached and asked if she would rather have vengeance. "Yes," she replied.

A bargain was struck: Tang received a commission from the conductor and a measure of his powers. In return, she would walk the earth, retrieving the violent ghosts who had escaped or failed to board the train.

Vengeance, the conductor had said. But to Tang, it was something more. A second chance. She would not waste this one.

Ministry of Strategic Science promo: Besides evil ghosts, there were plenty of other monstrosities roaming the world, and Terminus needed resources, and knowledge, to hunt them effectively. During the international hunt for the cult leader Mythos she teamed up with agents of the Ministry of Strategic Science, and while she preferred to work alone, their effectiveness was enough to convince her to join on a part-time basis.

2199 promo: Highwind City's version of Terminus had long given up on the HCPD, tiring of deferring to corporate interests and local politics. Besides, the police were largely focused on supervillains and rogue AI's, not the elusive specters that had cost her an arm, an eye, and a trip to the psyche unit. She decided to deal with the ghostly threats herself, using powers she had gained from the encounters. Her first target: the demonic red figure that had stolen her arm, and now seemed to be after the rest of her.

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