Tango One

Set: The Cauldron base set

AliasesJulia Takahashi

Age: 29

Power Source: Psionics, Weaponry, Training

Birthplace: Japan

Occupation: Mercenary

By the time she was 15, Julia Takahashi spoke 6 languages. She also harbored low-level psionic abilities, which she kept to herself. As an adult, she put these talents to use as an unnaturally skilled interpreter. That job lasted less than a year before she was recruited by Eclipse, a shadowy mercenary group which ran the best black ops agents money could buy. As it turned out, they only recruited those who were psionically gifted.

Julia was given the operational callsign Tango One. While each job strained her rather flexible morals, Eclipse was mostly hired to go after corrupt officials, mad scientists, and the like. It didn't bother her that someone else stood to gain when they took out the trash. Plus, the equipment and training they provided were top notch.

One day the boss unveiled Eclipse's newest operative: a shapeshifting parasite bonded to a psychotic volunteer, able to kill and replace government officials, leaders, even superheroes. Eclipse was really a training ground for agents of invasion. Their boss was an alien in disguise, and it used their psychic sensitivity to enslave their minds.

But Julia was stronger than it expected. She broke free. Her partner sacrificed himself to buy her an opening, and she used it to put a bullet through the alien's oversized brain.

She fled the ruins of her former life, knowing that pieces of it might well return to haunt her. The shapeshifter was still out there. The invaders might still be coming. She would be prepared.

Ghost Ops promo: Operating as a freelance specialist, Tango One worked to safeguard Earth from threats that most governments and superheroes didn't even realize existed. With increasing frequency she found that it was impossible to neutralize these threats head-on. So she designed a sleeker version of her personal Chameleon Armor, containing an upgraded cloaking drive and advanced aim stabilizers. The suit wasn't as useful in a firefight, but for infiltrations or long-distance precision engagements it was unparalleled.

1929 promo: After her reform from mercenary to hero, Tango found that there were all kinds of benefits to working with other gifted individuals; particularly a teleporter like Vanish. Instantly being transported to an ideal sniper's nest beat climbing up the old fashioned way, and there was no better spotter. But there were also downsides, like being present when Vanish's gadgets broke and stranded their whole team in the 1920s...

Creed of the Sniper promo (Halloween 2020): Though she had spent a large portion of her life studying weapons and how to use them, Tango's visit to 1929 forced her to rely on more primitive tools that she was less familiar with. She did not enjoy the feeling, and so once she was back in her own time, she resolved to rectify the deficiency. She snuck into the data center housing the elaborate Cybersphere simulation and accessed a historical training program where she could practice with weapons from any era. Unfortunately, the program had several bugs, resulting in Tango forgetting that the simulation was not real...

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