Swarm Eater

Set: The Cauldron: Experimental

AliasesThe Assimilator

Age: 1

Power Source: Science, Absorbed Nanites

Birthplace: Mexico

Occupation: Sentient Nanoswarm

Unlike most urban myths, this one began with a string of unrelated people and objects across Europe developing strange powers. Several superhuman watchdog agencies investigated the incidents and found little, beyond indications that an experimental nanoswarm was to blame. Public awareness was limited to the few "augmented" individuals who used their powers to commit crimes.

But soon, rumors began to surface: a boogey man, stalking the night, eating its victims alive. Targeting those who had been augmented.

Their powers could not save them. As each one fell, the Swarm Eater reportedly absorbed those powers into itself, like missing pieces of a puzzle.

And, according to the stories, its hunger has shown no sign of abating.

Hivemind promo: When an intergalactic zoo-ship landed on Earth in search of unique specimens, it provided an irresistible feast for Swarm Eater. The man-shaped nanoswarm attacked the ship and consumed many of its prisoners, absorbing the abilities of each. One of its victims was a mutant and former 13th test subject of the Halberd weapons project. Halberd-13's ability to manipulate and control insects through a psychic hivemind allowed his consciousness to take control of the nanoswarm, even as his body was devoured. This new Swarm Eater has lost its overriding hunger, but gained unparalleled control over dispersed nanotechnology...

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