Superstorm Akela

Set: The Cauldron: Stormfall

Location: Ruins of Akelabad

Storm Height: 18 kilometers (11 miles)

Average Wind Speed: 160 kph (100 mph)

Floating Skyscrapers: 9

The city of Akelabad, located in the mountains of northern India, owed much of its recent prominence to manufacturing giant Garotech's headquarters there. Few realized it was also home to a subtle gravitational anomaly, which the company's researchers were intently studying until an act of corporate sabotage brought the city to worldwide attention.

The unshielded activation of the experimental Garotech "Vayvayastra" Geograv Locus distorted the Earth's gravitational field within the city, tearing apart roads and skyscrapers and leaving them floating hundreds of meters in the air. Beneath the debris, a massive crater yawned, exposing ancient underground ruins and furthering rumors that the entire incident was supernatural in origin.

Now largely abandoned, the fragments of Akelabad remain suspended in the sky, surrounded by savage winds and perpetual storm clouds as a result of the warring forces that permeate the area. Dubbed Superstorm Akela, it has become one of the most dangerous places on Earth...

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