St. Simeon's Catacombs

Set: The Cauldron base set

Constructed: 1100

Sealed: 1350

Accurate Maps in Existence: None

Bodies Interred: 5,617

For a thousand years, the fabled catacombs of St. Simeon's collected the bones of princes and paupers, knights and criminals. The twisting passages and massive vaults served many masters and purposes: variously employed as dungeons, warehouses, and torture chambers. The remains of evil sorcerers and witches were sealed within the catacombs, in hopes that its hallowed walls would keep them firmly in the next life.

Soon after, St. Simeon's was abandoned and all record of its location destroyed, suggesting that perhaps its walls were not as effective as advertised.

Now rediscovered with the aid of the Knight, the seal on the catacombs has been broken, and its occupants await their new guests...

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