Set: The Cauldron base set

AliasesHalberd-19, Amelia Espada

Age: 31

Power Source: Science, Mutation

Birthplace: Mexico

Occupation: Test Subject

Amelia Espada was a drifter, doing odd jobs and getting into scrapes. Until the Halcyon Security Corporation identified a latent mutation in her genome and had her abducted off the streets of Guadalajara.

She awoke in an underground lab. Years of experiments and memory wipes followed. The scientists sought to awaken and weaponize her mutation, which allowed her to extrude a liquid metal sheath from her pores, forming it into spines or armor. Her body also healed at an accelerated rate to survive the trauma of projecting and retracting the sheath. She had become the 19th and most promising subject of the top-secret Halberd project.

After 3 years, she was nameless and savage. After 5, her healing ability had grown so effective that her broken mind began to repair itself, and she plotted her escape. She cut her way out of her cell, destroyed the bulk of the lab, and freed the other test subjects before collapsing. There she was found by Mark Savage, an old soldier investigating Halcyon's illegal activities. He led her to the surface as the facility exploded around them.

She took the name Quicksilver in place of the name she had lost, and began to hunt down the remnants of the Halberd project and its parent company. It didn't take long for her to discover that Halcyon considered her an investment it was not ready to part with...

Uncanny promo: As Quicksilver's mutation developed, she grew steadily more powerful. She became adept at forming blades of all descriptions, or claws for climbing. Whatever weapon she needed, she could make. She changed the shape of her metal skin so often that she didn't notice it had been months since she had gone without it, didn't realize that it was becoming difficult to retract. But as time passed and Halcyon's attempts to recapture her did not lose their fervor, she began to wonder whether her growing strength was entirely her own. And there was only one person who knew exactly what had been done to her: Captain Reager, the head of the Halberd project...

Renegade promo: Quicksilver was used to being on the run. Even as she gained allies, the remnants of Halberd were always close behind her, bringing new weapons to bear in the hunt for their most valuable test subject. So when Windmill City's vigilante hero Cricket was framed for murder, Quicksilver helped her escape and go underground. Let the world wonder where they went, and let Halberd wonder with them.

Harbinger-1 promo: After years of evading the Halberd project's agents, Quicksilver thought she had largely destroyed the group. As it turned out, the overarching Halcyon Security Corporation had simply cut their losses and moved on, constructing a new, even more elaborate supersoldier testing program from the ashes. Known as Harbinger, the now-cyborg Reager still led test subject retrieval, and using a piloted R-44 exosuit he finally recaptured Quicksilver. She was the only Halberd survivor to have fully resisted their chemical control compounds, and they were intent on learning why. Quicksilver had her own plans: Reager was closer than ever before, and she was still determined to interrogate him.

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