Set: The Cauldron: Stormfall

AliasesOra Dreyson

Age: 27

Power Source: Technology, Training

Birthplace: South Africa

Occupation: Saboteur

Ora grew up as an orphan on the city streets, stealing whatever she could to survive. Her talents as a pickpocket eventually earned her the attention of the Izandla, a gang of talented thieves, who took her in and honed her skills even further. When local authorities finally caught up with them and imprisoned or scattered the gang's members, Ora stole a passport and fled the continent.

She spent the next decade pulling ever more daring heists, graduating from simple burglaries to technologically complex thefts from high-security vaults and government black sites. As her reputation grew, so did her arsenal of tools; her crown jewel was a stolen phase-disruption suit that allowed her to walk straight through walls.

Now practically unstoppable, she switched from freelance work to mercenary endeavors. Espionage, blackmail, corporate sabotage: for the right price she would undertake almost any job, relishing the thrill of the futile chases that always followed.

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