Set: The Cauldron: Experimental

AliasesThe Breathing Shadow

Age: Unknown

Power Source: Magic

Birthplace: The Veil

Occupation: Marid


Aliases: Karima Ferhat

Age: 40

Power Source: Magic, Wealth

Birthplace: Algeria

Occupation: Businesswoman, Anthropologist

Jade earned her fortune, and her nickname, as she relentlessly expanded her trading empire, dealing in everything from black market relics to precious gemstones. An influential and well-connected family had instilled her with, not a sense of complacency, but of regal entitlement and unbending will. She sought power on her own terms, spurred by the whispers she had heard since childhood...

Beyond the veil, the violent marid Oriphel had been banished from his own kind, imprisoned in a dark corner of the djinn realm. Unable to break the bars of his prison, Oriphel sought to subvert them: he began whispering through the veil, searching for a soul who could summon him to Earth. Almost two centuries later, he found the perfect candidate, promising her untold power in exchange for his release.

Their scheme was almost thwarted when Zephaeren's Compass, the artifact needed for Oriphel to traverse the veil, was stolen by the summoner Malichae. But this loss led to Jade's greatest discovery: a forgotten ritual for summoning djinn directly into a human host. Convinced that her will was strong enough to control such a merger, Jade set out to assemble the ritual...

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