Set: The Cauldron base set

Aliases: Simon Coil

Age: 65

Power Source: Necromancy

Birthplace: France

Occupation: Occult Expert, Former Mortician

Simon Coil was fascinated by death; particularly by the idea that it might not be the end. Working as a mortician in Rouen, he spent his nights experimenting with necromantic rituals or visiting occult groups. He had no friends among the living save a nephew, whom he treated like a son. The boy's untimely death drove him from theory to practice: in his grief, he employed spells from an ancient tome to bring the boy back to life. But the undead thing he had created bore no semblance of his nephew, and Coil was forced to destroy it.

That might have been the end, had Coil not learned that his nephew's death was no accident; a crazed cultist from Coil's younger days was responsible. Coil opened the tome once more, raising the corpses of three criminals from the local morgue, and used them to power his magic rituals. He wrought his vengeance upon the cultist, but it was not enough. His research into the dark powers expanded, as he sought more tools with which to scourge the wicked.

The culmination of his research was the discovery of an ancient dragon, buried along the coast of France; once he overcame his disbelief that such a thing existed, he determined to raise it as the ultimate undead power source. But the dragon's own magic permeated its bones, and instead of a mindless zombie, the creature returned fully to life, raining destruction down around Coil. Too late, he realized what his recklessness would cost, and swore to make it right.

Warden of Chaos promo: Though most still found him and his powers disturbing, the man referred to as Necro had proven to be a valuable ally against the dark forces of the world. His experiments with summoning and sacrificing the undead continued, more cautiously after the incident with Tiamat. However, in the course of his studies Necro sensed something worse was approaching; he had only scratched the surface of the afterlife, but deeper down he could feel a restless, hungering presence. Something more ancient than dragons. For the first time in years, Necro remembered what it felt like to fear death, and fear brought back the old recklessness. He would do whatever it took to hold back the darkness...

1929 promo: Necro was among the team of heroes that Vanish accidentally stranded in 1929. He decided that as long as he was stuck there, he might as well get a first-hand history lesson. He tracked down the Book of the Dead, the tome which would teach him necromancy 50 years in the future. Opening the book gave him a shock; the past version contained pages he had never seen before, with spells for controlling the mindless zombies after they were summoned. Necro began using his undead minions as soldiers, rather than fuel for his rituals, wondering all the while what event would eventually destroy those pages from the Book...

Last of the Forgotten order promo: Time travel was imprecise. Chaotic. Thus, Necro did not blame his companions when he was accidentally left in the past. He made the best of it, staying out of the history books, while using the newfound power of the lost pages to help where he could. Too late, he realized the rituals were corrupting his mind. He lost himself to the dark voices, able to see only the pain and suffering of humanity. In his despair he founded the Forgotten Order; decades later he and his lackeys would be among the worst foes his former allies would face. But somewhere in his mind, the old Simon Coil still existed. Eventually, the time traveler Drift uncovered the full details of his past, allowing the hero Terminus to purge the evil from his spirit. Now, Necro has set out to destroy the last remnants of his old cult, hoping to finally earn rest, and possibly forgiveness.

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