The Mistress of Fate

Set: The Cauldron: Adrift


Age: Infinite

Power Source: Time

Birthplace: The Beginning of Time

Occupation: Observer of Timelines

She had always existed. Outside of time, beyond the edges of reality, apart from it. And she observed.

But with eternity came boredom, and a desire for omnipotence to match her omniscience. She wished to guide and control the lesser beings she had only watched, to lead them through time to whatever fate she appointed.

To intervene, she needed a presence. Some physical link to a point in space and time. So she created the Deck of Fate. History thought these cards had the power to manipulate destiny, when in truth, it was her hand that arranged them.

Until a thief cheated her and the cards were lost. Without her anchor, she was adrift and powerless, existing at a single point in time, repeating endlessly. Her rage and malice grew with each loop, but so did her understanding. She had never needed to be subtle, before; now she learned how to send feelers through the timestream, seeking temporal anomalies that she could draw on. If she could only find the thief once more, she could trap him in time as well.

Then she would have eternity to reclaim what was hers.

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