Set: The Cauldron: Stormfall

AliasesMog Chordal gal'Riboch

Age: 85

Power Source: Alien Technology

Birthplace: Mog

Occupation: Poacher, Collector

There is nothing more fascinating than that which is unique. For Mog Chordal, a frog-like being from the planet Mog, that fascination dismisses all other concerns. Various law-enforcement organizations across several galaxies have called her a poacher, a kidnapper, a criminal; but she thinks of herself as a collector. On occasion, even a conservationist!

Because that which is unique is often transient, its delights fading too soon from the world. So Mog Chordal has spent her family fortune to create a ship - no, an exhibit! - to preserve, contain, transport the wonders that she finds, keeping them in safety and security. Her mercenary crew, led by the no-nonsense Tak Ishmael, maintain the advanced enclosures throughout her zooship. When it lands on a new planet, drones spew forth to seek out interesting specimens. Anything new, exciting, and above all, unique, must be added to the collection! A collection that, over time, has earned her a proud new moniker: Menagerie.

She treasures each new creature that forcibly enters her care; a wisened Alpha Frosthound, glowing Faerigaunts from Ogo, a mutated Earthling who commands giant insects. But the latest specimen to catch Menagerie's eye may be more difficult to acquire. From Tak Ishmael's brother, a wandering bounty hunter, she has learned that the intergalactic Nightlore Council recently inducted its first ever representative from Earth. The Council is already after Menagerie; she is willing to incur a little more of their wrath if it means possessing such a unique creature... 

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