Lady of the Wood

Set: The Cauldron base set


Age: Unknown

Power Source: The Four Seasons

Birthplace: Ukraine

Occupation: Nature Spirit

Spring: centuries pass. Saplings sprout, and a forest grows deep in the mountains of Eastern Europe. In a clearing at its center, a spirit takes form, born of nature and magic.

Summer: centuries pass. The forest spreads, and its guardian spirit delights in the world and its endless curiosities. She dances with the four winds. She peers from the trees into small towns, wondering at the quirks of humanity. She overhears their stories, of strange places and creatures and gods.

Fall: centuries pass. She has become a part of the stories, defeated dark gods. But the forests are waning; she retreats deeper into the recesses of the mountains, away from humanity's encroaching reach. She keeps counsel with the winds, and the seasons. Now and then a lost soul stumbles upon her clearing, and if they listen she speaks to them.

Winter: centuries pass. The world grows darker and colder. Even at the heart of the forest, whispers creep in, of new powers awakening. The lost souls no longer listen when she speaks. But one day, a man returns to the clearing; a knight who has weathered almost as many centuries as she has. He has been looking for her, for something unchanging. She answers his questions about the past and he answers hers about the present. And as he tells her of the world, she resolves to see it, and become a part of it, and protect more than just her forest.

Season of Change promo: Already weakened after battle with the radioactive villain Gray, the Lady of the Wood sacrificed the last of her strength to restore the blasted landscape around Windmill City. As new life took root from the ashes, the Lady's form crumbled into dust. Months later and thousands of miles away, Doc Havoc finally located the enchanted clearing where Sir George of Mormoth had originally encountered the Lady. Havoc found that she had reformed herself in the heart of the clearing. Now reawakened, the Lady's curiosity and determination are fiercer than ever...

Ministry of Strategic Science promo: As supernatural and paranormal activity around the world steadily increased, the Ministry of Strategic Science identified a growing number of civilization-ending threats. The rest of the world reeled at the destruction wrought by Celadroch's awakening, but the Ministry was focused on the almost equally powerful nature spirit that had been roaming Europe for centuries unchecked. Concerned that the Lady's tolerance for humanity might one day run out, the Ministry convinced their other 'talented' agents to recruit the Lady, hoping to gain some influence over her. The Lady seems delighted to be part of a team, but otherwise she remains as inscrutable as ever...

2199 promo: In another timeline, the nature spirit roused by Sir George of Mormoth was forced to witness his death, and subsequently retreated to the forests once more. The next time she awoke, more than a century had passed; the forests had been covered in metal and concrete. She ventured out into the neon lights, looking for old friends that might have survived, knowing she would not find them unchanged. 

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