The Knight

Set: The Cauldron base set

Aliases: Sir George of Mormoth

Age: 52

Power Source: Weapons and Armor

Birthplace: England

Occupation: Knight

For many years Sir George of Mormoth faithfully served King Edward III as the commander of his elite guard. His charge was to safeguard King and country from otherworldly enemies.

He fought witches and demons. When a three-headed dragon ravaged the countryside, he drove it to the coast of France and cut off its heads. He was dispatched to the crusades, and traveled the dark forests of Eastern Europe, learning secrets from the ancient spirits there.

When Sir George returned to England, he was met with ruin. In his absence, an evil wizard had killed his wife and enthralled King Edward. The furious knight defeated the wizard and freed the king; but as the wizard was being locked away he cursed Sir George into eternal slumber. The wisest men in the kingdom were unable to break the curse; in the end, Sir George's body was interred in a vault beneath the Palace of Westminster, honored but eventually forgotten.

Six hundred years later, he opened his eyes. A group of oddly-dressed men explained something about a curse, a dragon, and seemed to want his help.

The knight was practiced at dealing with strangeness. He entered the new world with his head high, ready to safeguard King and country once more.

Berserker promo: Almost immediately after his awakening in the twenty-first century, Sir George was thrust into combat with a foe he thought long-vanquished: the dragon Tiamat. She had apparently recovered from her decapitation centuries before and was wreaking havoc across the land. Other strange warriors showed up to help the knight; a sun-god, a vanishing woman, even a necromancer. They met with little success; the dragon's elemental magic had grown even stronger since its resurrection. As the knight's armor broke and his shield shattered, he determined that such ferocity could only be matched by an equally primal rage. So he took a broken sword in each hand, gave a tremendous battle cry, and charged...

Fair Knight promo: Alain Mormont was brought up on fantastic stories of her heroic ancestor, a knight who had defended Britain from evil dragons. According to the stories, her whole family was descended from the knight's daughter; a daughter he had never known about, born while he was away, and raised to follow in his footsteps after he disappeared. Alain loved the idea, and found it more than a little believable. Her mother was a fencing instructor. Her grandfather, a famous smith. Alain learned all she could about medieval weapons and armor, training with her grandfather's heirlooms. And then the news reported that a real dragon had attacked Paris, and a knight had appeared to fight it off...and Alain knew this was what she had been waiting for.

1929 promo: Sir George had long since accustomed himself to the future he now called home. Still, when he was sucked into the past along with Vanish and their allies, he felt a brief hope that they might have returned to his own time. As soon as he found this was not the case, he got back to the business of defending the realm. He did not understand his allies' complaints; as far as he was concerned this time period was almost identical to the one they had left. His only concession was to try a little harder to 'blend in' than he had before.

Wasteland Ronin promo: A paradoxical visit to his past self via unstabilized time travel had caused Sir George's relationship with the 'present' to begin breaking down. When he re-encountered his future descendant, Alain Mormont, the resulting timeline glitch flung them both into the thousand-year-future of the Final Wasteland. Fleeing the hordes of roaming monsters, the pair stumbled upon the dormant wreck of the F.S.C. Continuance Wanderer. They scavenged armor and weapons from the timeship, and searched vainly for a way to reactivate it. Recalling Jim Brooks' stories of an ancient library where humanity's knowledge might have survived, they set out across the wasteland to find it...

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