The Infernal Choir

Set: The Cauldron: Adrift

AliasesKim Meilin

Age: 37

Power Source: Ghost Physiology

Birthplace: Hong Kong

Occupation: Immortal Mob Boss

A nightclub singer and agent for the White Hand syndicate, Kim Meilin's growing criminal ambitions soon led to her untimely death. Fortunately for Kim, her other interests included research into black magic and immortality. She was as surprised as her former employers to learn that the charms and rituals worked; she returned as a vengeful spirit, dispatching her killers and resurrecting them in turn to serve her. It was the birth of a new empire, a true underworld of ghostly criminals.

Kim's new syndicate flourished in the shadows, dealing in spectral weapons, assassinations, and espionage. Every mortal gang was desperate for their services. The ones who were unaware of her existence soon perished or wound up working for her without even knowing it. In this private underworld, Kim became known as the Infernal Choir, a song of death sung by the thousand spectral voices at her command. Nothing could stop her.

Or so she thought. Her research had been incomplete, and she was terrified to learn of the existence of the Full Moon Express, whose conductor was tasked with hauling tardy spirits to whatever lay beyond Earth.

Kim had no desire to move on. So she bent all her resources on finding a more permanent version of immortality, starting by extracting her own soul from its etheric body and hiding it away in the heart of another, where it would be safe from the conductor's agents...

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