Halberd Experimental Research Center

Set: The Cauldron base set

Owner: Halcyon Security Corporation

Size: 460,000 sq meters (4,951,000 sq feet)

Test Subjects (Involuntary): 24 (5 deceased, 2 missing)

Artificial Intelligences: 43

Guest environment designed by Benjamin Yamada.

The Halcyon Security Corporation was the world's foremost private military contractor. Despite minimal public awareness of their existence, Halcyon's morally-flexible personnel were an integral part of many organizations; and with the steady increase in superhuman activity on the planet, business was booming. But as the 'threats' became less human, Halcyon needed ever more capable soldiers.

The Halberd Experimental Research Center was founded to turn that problem into its own solution. Halcyon's trained black-ops teams scoured the world for fledgling superhumans, lost aliens, and failed science experiments. Each subject disappeared into the Research Center's underground laboratories; there to be conditioned, trained, improved, and sold.

Rife with high-tech security measures, overseen by a single-minded AI, and filled with dangerously unstable captives, the Research Center is not a friendly place to tresspassers. But no one can deny the Halberd Project's effectiveness.

The Halberd Project: building the soldiers of tomorrow.

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