Set: The Cauldron: Adrift


Age: 19

Power Source: Science, Rapturian Biology

Birthplace: Tar-Kalas

Occupation: Subway Dweller

In Windmill City, there existed a little-known urban legend: that a giant, terrifying reptile haunted the sewers. Even Gunner, a homeless ex-soldier who'd fought his share of inhuman monsters, found the stories far-fetched. He'd often sheltered in the city's underground, without any sign of such a creature. So he was most surprised the day he met Athena.

For her part, the clumsy but amiable Rapturian was excited to make her first human friend. Her earliest memories were a hazy jumble: the destruction of her homeworld as a child, and the scattered exodus of Rapturian survivors. She remembered her parents sending her in an escape pod to Earth, where she had lived in hiding for almost a decade. She had chosen her own name out of her favorite book, a tome of mythology found among the refuse.

Athena impressed Gunner with her mechanical knowledge, showing him the Rapturian racing shell she had designed from discarded tech and dim memories. In turn he shared news of the wider world, familiarizing her with the planet that she now thought of as home. She especially loved stories of the city's heroes, such as the vigilante known as the Cricket.

Soon Athena realized she had no desire to stay hidden underground. From the sound of it, there was plenty of evil afoot. She wanted to join the ranks of the heroes who would thwart it.

With a hearty wave to Gunner, she headed for the surface.

Speed Demon promo: While protecting Windmill City from an invading alien poacher, Gyrosaur encountered several agents of the Nightlore Council, and was surprised to learn she had a long-lost aunt named Talin Brosk serving aboard their Citadel in the far reaches of space. Observing Gyrosaur's speed, Brosk convinced her to go undercover in an illegal intergalactic racing circuit, to help take it down from the inside...

Renegade promo: One of Gyrosaur's first misadventures after reaching the surface was an encounter with the Renegades. Believing, like many, that Cricket's little band were criminals, Gyrosaur initially tried to apprehend them, but her heart was not in it, and the Rapturian soon found herself conversing with the group. Upon learning that Cricket had been framed and they were now plotting to go undercover as criminals to apprehend the real culprits, Gyrosaur eagerly joined them as their self-designated "stealth expert".

Captain promo (Halloween 2020): Gyrosaur loved learning about new customs and traditions as she traveled the world, and Halloween sounded especially exciting. Deciding that she would have the best costume ever, Gyrosaur "borrowed" a cursed coin from the Ministry of Strategic Science, which turned her into a skeletal pirate! She was perfectly sure the effects were temporary, and that the ghostly captain's voice in her head was a friendly-sounding chap.

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