Set: The Cauldron: Stormfall

AliasesEsther Martin

Age: 70

Power Source: Training, Technology

Birthplace: Australia

Occupation: Security Consultant, Search & Rescue Pilot

Esther Martin had retired from an illustrious career of life-saving heroics well before most of the world's current saviors were crawling. But Martin's idea of retirement was no more conventional than the rest of her life; the former military Search and Rescue pilot became the commander and electronic warfare specialist of an international peacekeeping task force for the next decade. When political bickering began to sour that experience, she became a private security consultant, teaching hand-to-hand combat to soldiers and civilians from around the world.

While that work paid the bills (exceedingly well), Martin slowly, almost deliberately, faded from the international spotlight as she entered her third retirement. A lifetime of making contacts, trading favors, and hoarding knowledge left her with eyes and ears across the globe, and a very long reach for helping to solve problems.

In secret, Martin constructed an underground base on the southern coast of Australia, filled with state of the art surveillance gear and a hangar for her custom-built rescue aircraft, the "Kestrel". From there she began operating as an information broker, ensuring the right people were in the right place at the right time, even if those people had no idea who was responsible.

Over the years, the mysterious, all-knowing voice on the airwaves gained the nickname: Echelon.

First Response promo: As Echelon's list of allies grew, she recruited a handful of them - her old medic, a teleporter, a cyborg, and a vigilante - to form a specialized response team that could board the Kestrel and be anywhere on Earth in a matter of hours. Their business was not saving the world, but rather, saving the people in it.

2199 promo: In an alternate future full of remote surveillance systems, an alternate Echelon had taken a hands-on approach to monitoring and solving problems. Working with Highwind City's police forensics unit, her personal Prophet rig allowed her to manipulate a swarm of camera drones that gave unparalleled situational awareness. But even with so many eyes, she couldn't see how the HCPD dispatchers were able to get officers on scene within seconds, almost as though they knew what the future held...

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