Set: The Cauldron: Adrift

AliasesBryce Bauer

Age: 35

Power Source: Technology

Birthplace: United States

Occupation: Former Maintenance Technician, Bank Robber

A skilled but lazy technician at the University of Windmill City, Bryce Bauer felt severely underpaid and underappreciated. Besides, his boss was a jerk. So, he felt no qualms about helping himself to valuable bits of tech from the lab, things he could pawn for some extra personal funding.

As his job satisfaction decreased, he began planning for a more permanent career change: one of the labs had designed a mostly-working energy converter, and with a bit of after-hours ingenuity and some borrowed parts, Bauer got the rig working. With a little juice, it would be a formidable weapon.

The test run was a success, although it left the University's power substation and several other labs in flames. Bauer's first crime spree began in earnest later that night and lasted several months, until a costumed vigilante got the better of him.

But prison wasn't so bad. Soon several other supercriminals arrived, and together they turned their grudge against "The Cricket" into a plan for escape, revenge, and most importantly, profit.

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