Set: The Cauldron: Adrift

AliasesAlain Mormont

Age: 16

Power Source: Temporal Distortion

Birthplace: United Kingdom

Occupation: Fencing Instructor, Exchange Student

Alain Mormont grew up in a perpetual hurry. There never seemed to be enough hours in the day to do everything she wanted: training with her mother, studying history with her grandfather, school, travel, following in her ancestor's footsteps and becoming a heroic knight...

Eventually, Alain and Sir George of Mormoth found themselves in the desolate future of the Final Wasteland, staring at the wreckage of a crystalline timeship. Alain managed to reawaken the controls and impose her will on the strange vessel, sending them home to their own time. Or, in Alain's case, something close to it.

In the days that followed their return, Alain began having visions of things that had happened in her current location minutes or hours prior. More worrying, some of the visions showed glimpses into the future. As Alain began to panic, she glanced down at her hand and saw the flickering outline of the wasteland sword she had wielded in the far future; moments later it was replaced by the outline of the ancestral blade she had held yesterday.

Focusing on the image caused it to coalesce into a glowing copy of the real weapon, heavy and reassuring in her grip. With it came a certainty that she was now something different, something new.

She had a feeling that having enough time wasn't going to be a problem any more.

Through the Breach promo: The transition from aspiring knight to time-powered hero was not an easy thing for the youngest Mormont. During her earliest days as the hero Drift, she continued to carry physical weapons and armor, while honing her ability to conjure temporal copies of such things from her own past and future. Instead, she preferred using her powers to briefly freeze the present; allowing her to instantaneously accomplish her goals while time stood still.

1929/2199 promo: As Drift became more adept at manipulating time, she experimented with moving herself through it. The results were erratic; her attempt to rescue her friends, stuck in the far future, instead sent Drift to an alternate version of the year 2199. While recovering her strength she encountered another extradimensional visitor: Outlander, an evil version of her ancestor Sir George, who was also traversing realities. He almost killed Drift, but before his sword fell, she shifted farther than ever before, winding up as an older version of herself in her home reality's 1929. She resolved to gather allies across both timelines, using the experiences of her own past and future selves, to defeat the evil knight...

Halberd-26 promo (Halloween 2020): Helping others learn about their past was something Drift excelled at, given her abilities. But before she could peer into the past, she had to first visit that location in the present. While assisting Quicksilver with research into the now-destroyed Halberd facility, she visited its ruins and accidentally activated the dormant R47 AI. Crazed and unaware of current events, it assumed Drift to be its newest test subject, and proceeded to trap her in a maze of chambers designed to categorize her abilities. In the end, it was a rather exhilarating and challenging experience, and Drift left the AI intact with no hard feelings.

1609 promo: After almost killing herself traveling to the years 2199 and 1929, Drift began searching for a safer way to time travel. Her powers were better suited to guiding her through the time streams than actually moving her, so she sought out the temporal anomaly which served as prison to the enigmatic Mistress of Fate. From within the anomaly, Drift was able to open doorways to various points throughout history. Now all she needed was to find the right door...

1789 promo: Drift's adventures through the past all had the singular aim of returning once more to Catchwater Harbor, 1929, in the hopes of saving an old friend who had been lost there. During her previous visit to that point, neither she, nor any of her allies, had known the fate that lay in store for Simon Coil...

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