Doc Havoc

Set: The Cauldron base set

Aliases: Mark Savage

Age: 42

Power Source: Training, Technology

Birthplace: United States

Occupation: Battlefield Medic

Born and raised in New York City, Mark Savage joined the army at 18. Partly, he felt it was his duty to serve; partly, he was trying to set an example for his brother Luke, 8 years his junior and already getting into trouble. Partly, because it was cheaper than med school, which had been his real dream.

Savage quickly made it through special forces training and was certified as a combat medic. He was hand-picked to join a new international task force, specializing in bioterrorism threats and led by an Australian officer named Esther Martin. Savage saw scattered combat on 5 continents, earning the moniker "Havoc", and continuing his medical education throughout his distinguished career.

Things started to get worse after his CO was forced to retire. Havoc suspected the brass was more interested in obtaining supervillain tech than saving civilians. Meanwhile his brother's career was taking ever darker turns. Havoc finally convinced Luke to clean up his act and join the task force, hoping to keep an eye on him. But their first and only mission together went horribly wrong; Luke disobeyed Havoc's orders and wound up comatose from exposure to the biological superweapon they were supposed to destroy.

Unable to help his brother or find satisfactory answers as to what had gone wrong, Havoc quit the task force, deciding that from then on he would help people on his own terms.

First Response promo: Following his break with the military, Havoc traveled throughout South America, trying to get back to basics: making injured people whole again. It lacked a bit in excitement, but that didn't last long. His old CO kept close tabs on the world; whenever she saw a situation developing that could benefit from Havoc's touch, some pay phone nearby would ring. Like the vagrants being abducted in Guadalajara; that had turned into a right mess. By the time his CO got around to forming her own private rescue team, Havoc was already back in the habit of saying "yes ma'am."

2199 promo: Alain Mormont was surprised to find that the version of 2199 she had ended up in possessed its own Mark Savage. This Doc Havoc was cybernetically augmented; his body had been heavily damaged during the pandemic wars of the 2180's. Never one to quit, Havoc continues searching for the cause of the pandemic, which he suspects may involve a strange figure known as Vector. 

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