Set: The Cauldron base set

AliasesMargret Doubek

Age: 115

Power Source: Magical Tattoos

Birthplace: Austria

Occupation: Sorceress, Anarchist

Once upon a time in Austria, at the turn of the 19th century, there lived an angry young woman.

Margret Doubek had grown up wild, hating civilization and its strictures. She dreamed of true freedom, to do as she wished without answering to anyone. Selfishness and arrogance shaped her, from a petty thief into an increasingly violent criminal.

By chance or fate she encountered a young German artist. He had been driven half-mad by his creation, a magical living ink, which Margret convinced him to apply to her skin in the form of monstrous tattoos. The designs gave her unimaginable power at the cost of her sanity. When the police caught up, they found that the artist was dead and Margret had disappeared from Europe.

Now, ageless and terrible, she has taken the name Dendron and seeks to end the impudent reign of humanity, imposing her own will over the world...

Windcolor promo: Dendron's living tattoos drew their strength from the magical energy of the forests, or, occasionally, the life force of Dendron's hapless victims. After many fierce battles with the Stranger and his allies, the ink's power proved finite, and it pooled lifelessly upon the ground. Dendron was imprisoned, seemingly powerless, but the skills of a misspent youth soon enabled her escape. She sought a new source of power, and found it when an ancient death god awakened near the city of Akelabad. Drawing upon the storm of magic that was released, she animated every drop of ink across several city blocks, calling them to her, feeling her strength grow even greater than before...

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