Set: The Cauldron: Experimental

AliasesKarl Schräder

Age: 26

Power Source: Science, Nanites

Birthplace: Germany

Occupation: Scientist

The young Dr. Karl Schräder awoke in a hospital to find he was missing an eye and three limbs. As he began piecing together what had happened, he was surprised to find his body doing the same: in a matter of days it had rebuilt itself completely.

Before the accident, Schräder had been a rising star in the field of nanorobotics, working to repair and even improve the human body. The Halcyon Security Corporation recruited him with the promise of unlimited funding, which kept Schräder's initial questions at bay; but he began to stumble across evidence that his employer had less altruistic plans for his nanoswarm. Further investigation uncovered highly illegal superhuman experiments. Before Schräder could alert the authorities, his boss locked him in his lab and released the incomplete nanoswarm, which devoured most of Schräder's body. Schräder was left for dead.

Now, alive and rebuilt, Schräder is determined to learn the limits of his newly augmented body, and track down the rest of the nanoswarm before it can be used for evil.

First Response promo: As he located and destroyed the Halcyon labs which were still trying to weaponize his nanotech, Schräder learned that he was not the only party interested in Halcyon's illegal activities. The information broker known as Echelon had been keeping a weather eye on the company, and had in fact been instrumental in arranging for the recovery of Schräder's body on the night of his accident. Meeting in person, Schräder soon became a full member of Echelon's international emergency response team, building and upgrading the team's equipment with his nanites.

Swarming Protocol promo: Schräder's acceptance of his cybernetic existence increased over time, and he began expanding and improving the nanite technology that comprised a large part of his body. Testing this technology involved converting ever more of his original tissue, until his humanity was largely just a shape, filled in by the nanoswarm. 

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