Oblask Crater

Set: The Cauldron: Unexpected

Crater Diameter: 260 sq kilometers (100 sq miles)

Recorded Species: 12 artificial, 0 organic

Radiation Levels: Nonlethal

Tourism: Poor

In a remote sector of Siberia, the massive Oblask impact crater had existed, undetected, for millions of years. Discovered by chance in the late 20th century, it remained of minimal scientific interest until something at the crater's center began broadcasting an unintelligible signal. This moment became known as the Biomachine Activation Event, and heralded a drastic change in the barren terrain of the crater. Soon, the soil and lakes were covered in blinking mechanical tendrils, while giant robotic beasts hunted each other across the mountainsides. Overnight, Oblask had turned into one of the most hostile ecosystems on the planet. More worryingly, the machines seemed to be unknowingly working toward some greater purpose, as if the original impact object was invisibly guiding them...

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