Dungeons of Terror

Set: The Cauldron: Unexpected

Edition: First

Total Party Kills: 2

Complexity: High

Average Campaign Length: The rest of your life

In the darkest corner of a high shelf in a dusty bookstore sat a battered hardcover tome. It had been there for at least a decade: a roleplaying guidebook for a game that no publisher had ever heard of. In truth, the book was a magical touchstone created by the timeless Mistress of Fate, a small receptacle for some of her power, created during one of her attempts to escape from her prison outside reality. And like its creator, the book could warp time and space around it, thrusting anyone who touched it into the fictions described within its pages. Sadly, the book had never had the chance to demonstrate this.

Until, one day, it was purchased by a Windmill City student named Kate Shreeve, who took it to play with her friends.

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