The Chasm of a Thousand Nights

Set: The Cauldron: Adrift

Widest Point: 400 meters (1300 feet)

Djinn Population: 160

Tears in the Veil: 1

Local Cuisine: Ephemeral

In the center of the Dasht-e Jenn desert, a chasm runs for a thousand kilometers, cutting through mountains and ridges like a knife, unaligned with any river or tectonic plate. The bottom of this chasm is perpetually obscured; satellites have never pierced it. And yet from within it, those looking up can sometimes see fantastical stars and otherworldly constellations.

For this crack in the earth is also a tear in the veil, sealed hundreds of years ago and recently reopened, through which the world of the djinn bleeds into our own. Unfortunately, its denizens are not always kind to those who stray across this border.

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