Set: The Cauldron: Stormfall

AliasesThe Dark Mountain

Age: Unknown

Power Source: Magic, Death

Birthplace: Romania

Occupation: God of Death

Celadroch. In legends he was the god of death, spoken of in fearful whispers. The tales did not say what became of him, and modern scholars assumed he was just another fairy tale. This perception was aided by the efforts of Britain's paranormal intelligence ministry, who worked diligently to obscure any reference to Celadroch. Because deep in their vaults lay fragments of an ancient tablet, describing the god's actual fate.

Centuries before, a nature spirit had defeated Celadroch and sealed him beneath a mountain in northern India. The tablet did not mention that, over the years, wisps of his essence had leaked into the world. Slowly, through rumors and proxies, he worked to affect his return.

Eventually his whispers reached the Forgotten Order, a cult dedicated to handing the world back to its more ancient and terrible masters. Their agents stole the tablet and located Celadroch, destroying the nearby city of Akelabad in the process of unearthing the temple where he was imprisoned.

The death god felt the sky within reach again. His prison crumbled and he summoned the wayward pieces of himself back, made whole and free once more. Now he seeks to subjugate the world of the living and bring them into his grasp; the grasp of death.

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