Set: The Cauldron base set

Aliases: Eduard Korvin

Age: 44

Power Source: Shapeshifter Physiology

Birthplace: Spain

Occupation: Living Weapon

For many of the psychotic murderers serving lifetime prison sentences, hearing voices was not unusual. For this one it was.

The voice came one day, calm and clear in his mind; it was searching for something. Him. It asked if he wanted power. To evolve, beyond a world that he was not meant for in the first place.

It was unexpected, but he was open-minded. Mentally, he replied: yes.

A week later, the prisoner found himself being transferred. Concrete walls were replaced by sterile glass. A laboratory. The experiments began, and they were painful. He was bonded to a strange, amorphous organism: a living parasite that broke down his screaming body and reconstructed it into a nightmare. But the promise was kept.

The mirrored glass showed him his new form, and he laughed. The man, the prisoner, was gone. He was a living weapon, a shapeshifting terror.

His violence had once had limits. Now, he was anathema to life itself.

Evolved promo: The Eclipse, the mercenary group which had created Anathema, was destroyed by one of its own operatives shortly after the shapeshifter's birth. Anathema escaped into the world without ever learning the purpose behind his creation; nor did he care. As the bond between host and parasite grew stronger, so did Anathema's powers, and his psychosis. Subtlety was not his way; he could shapeshift into almost perfect replicas of his targets, but he was more prone to increasingly grotesque transformations, bearing less and less resemblance to his once-human form...

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