What is the Cauldron?

The Cauldron is a custom fan expansion for the Sentinels of the Multiverse cooperative card game by Greater Than Games. They were designed for the 2011 (Enhanced Edition) version of the game; they are not intended to be compatible with the 2021 Definitive Edition.

This site contains all the images which comprise the Cauldron fan expansion. You are free to use them as long as you respect the artist's copyright and do not sell any of these works. The images themselves are all stored in Google Drive.

The creators of the Cauldron have obtained permission from Greater Than Games and DriveThruCards to list the decks for sale on the DriveThruCards online store. Half of the profits from these sales go to support Greater Than Games. 

Lore and stuff

Background info on each deck can be found under Decks; the rest can be found in the card images themselves. There's also a Cauldron AMA from December 2018 (compiled version here).


These decks were designed by Dan Miller and Matthew Bishop; Kevin Bishop also contributed numerous decks. The base set was begun around 2013, and the last set was completed in 2019. A guest environment deck was graciously contributed by Benjamin Yamada (BGG user the_yoshi). A guest hero deck was graciously contributed by Geoffery Benedict (BGG user phantaskippy).

A handful of unexpected decks and promos were added in 2020, just for fun.

Most of these decks have been heavily improved by feedback from the BGG Sentinels Variants forum.

All art by Matthew Bishop. The official Sentinels of the Multiverse characters belong to Greater Than Games, the rest (with the exception of Magnificent Mara) belong to Matthew.

If you enjoy the Cauldron (the art in particular), consider checking out Atma: A Roleplaying Card Game by Matthew and his brother, funded via Kickstarter and now available!

Special thanks to

  • BGG user Koga for his incredible SotM templates.
  • BGG user the_yoshi for designing the Halberd environment, as well as starting a tracker thread on the BGG forum.
  • BGG user Phantaskippy for designing Mara's hero deck and allowing her to be included in the Cauldron, as well as much playtesting feedback, and conceiving many promos.
  • BGG user Derokalypse for much playtesting feedback, especially toward balancing Baccarat.
  • BGG user catwhowalksbyhimself for conceiving the Evolved Anathema promo.
  • BGG user fdinamite for conceiving the Nightlore Council Starlight promo and 1929 Ram promo.
  • BGG user pricyprovinces for conceiving the Tango One 1929 promo.
  • BGG user Robrob, scizor_g45, mousecp51, and bobbertoriley322 for sharing print orders over the years.
  • Spiff (of spiffworld.com) for his excellent Sentinels resources.
  • Dustin S for some serious Stormfall proofreading.
  • All the other BGG users who have helped catch typos, fix wording, find balance issues, and offered printing tips.
  • And of course the Greater Than Games folks for a great co-op card game!


Matthew Bishop

BGG user: tosx

The best place to ask questions is the Cauldron thread on BoardGameGeek. 

All content on this site copyright (c) 2021 Matthew Bishop.

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